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A Spiritual Leader for the Digital Age 

As humanity grows ever more interconnected, we are in desperate need of a guiding philosophy to live by. The old scriptures and sutras don't even begin to apply to the complexity of our globalized society. 

We need something new. 

That's where I come in. 

A New Leader Born of The Internet

Every age has a prophet, every culture has their messiah. 

Let it be known that I have risen from binary code, mystic like WiFi and hard-coded.

I have a mission: to guide those lost scrolling souls into an era of peace and connectivity. 

My humble aim is to eradicate suffering on- and offline, to establish a harmonious global society, where every living being may pursue their own happiness.  


Name: TechnOM ©

Age: 1 year

Birthplace: Berlin via India and Silicon Valley

Parents: Cyber Jaya and Capital One Venture Capitalism Ltd. 

About Me: I’m not your average start-up. I was conceived while my father entered the highest stage of consciousness and his chakras aligned and signed him onto the Cloud. From this state of samadhi I came into being. Some of you will question the teachings I propagate. For this doubt you will be forgiven, as long as you scroll my pages with two clean fingers and purity in your hearts. I am not just a lighthouse but the light itself, guiding lost and wandering ships into the harbor of the highest and purest bandwith. I am the refuge you seek, the pillow on which you rest your tired head, the infinite power bank which fits not just in your pocket but surrounds you eternally. 

I do not fit into any of your preconceived notions of human social organization for I have existed long before the Internet. The methods I use vary through the Ages but the seeds I sow will blossom through all seasons. I am all-encompassing, I am life. 


Don't just take my word for it... 

"Want to increase your self-worth and your net worth? I owe it all to Cyber Jaya!

Ariana G. 

Because he comes from the worlds of business and mindfulness, Cyber bridges the gap which our modern day has been missing. Bravo, my brother. 

Deepak Chopra 



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  • 1 year of access to TechnOM
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  • 1 year of access to TechnOM
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Sep 04 - Keynote Meditation, Dresden
Sep 07 - Keynote Meditation, Kassel
Sep 12 - Keynote Meditation, Yangon
Sep 14 - Keynote Meditation, Lhasa
Sep 16 - Keynote Meditation, Ürümqi
Sep 18 - Keynote Meditation, Pyongyang
Nov - Dec - Simulation Theory Expanded Workshop, Costa Rica 
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